LG-22 Floor standing high speed refrigerated centriufge
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Features:•The machine adopts frequency conversion motor driving,micro-computer control •LCD, digital dual display•electric lid lock,imbalance protection•It can store 12 operation procedures and there ..

Technical parameters

Features: • The machine adopts frequency conversion motor driving,micro-computer control • LCD, digital dual display • electric lid lock,imbalance protection • It can store 12 operation procedures and there are 19 levels of acceleration and decelerationf for your choice. • Rotor head identify automaticlly to prevent speeding. • The machine is used in the type of flexible collet chuck,which is convenient for replacing the rotor. • Imported compressors ,CFC-Free refrigerants,refrigerating/heating double loop and precise in temperature control. • RCF can be directly set up and display, without RPM / RCF translated • imported well known frequency controller with precise speed control and durable in use . • speed ,RCF ,time ,tempreture and other parameters of instruments can be modified during operation. • Three-layer steel jacket could ensure the safety of the user and machine. Parameters max speed 22000 r/min max RCF 34700 xg max capacity 4×750ml(4000rpm) speed accuracy ±10 r/min Temp accuracy ±1℃ Temp range -20℃ ~40℃ timer range 1~99H59min/inching noise ≤60dB(A) power AC 220V 50HZ 15A demension 650×550×840(L × W × H) mm weight 160 kg Rotor Technical Data rotor max capacity max speed max RCF NO.1 Angle rotor 12X1.5ml/2.2ml 22000rpm 34700Xg NO.2 Angle rotor 12X5ml 17000rpm 22330Xg NO.3 Angle rotor 24X1.5ml/2.2ml 16500rpm 27140Xg NO.4 Angle rotor 12X10ml 15000rpm 20160Xg NO.5 Angle rotor 6X50ml 13000rpm 18740Xg NO.6-1 Angle rotor 4X100ml 11000rpm 12870Xg NO.6-2 Angle rotor 8X50ml NO.7 swing-out ELISA plate rotor 2X2X96 holes 4000rpm 1970Xg NO.8 swing-out rotor 4X250ml 4500rpm 3720Xg NO.9 swing-out rotor 4X500ml 4000rpm 3400Xg NO.10 swing-out rotor 4X750ml 4000rpm 3500Xg Kinds of rotors can be customized according to customer’s needs.

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